Dominic Balli's CD "Not For Sale" T-Shirts

Dominic Balli's CD release concert at Reality Ventura was a success. Amongst the great music, dazzling lights and fog machine, the crowd was thrilled and excited to welcome a new album with new songs near and dear to Dom's heart. 

Digicom Designs' Aaron Ford was asked to partner with the album release by creating a new t-shirt design. The following is what was sold at the event on Saturday night! 

Logo for Masters Institute for Education in Uganda Africa

DigicomDesigns' Aaron Ford was asked to design a logo for "Masters Institute for Education", based in Uganda Africa. This logo is meant to capture the elements of the nation of its location  in its color choices and emblems, but incorporate the elements of education, spirituality, and corporate influence in a modern and fresh way.

We are very excited to be a part of a work in another nation! On another Continent!

Rebé Belle Business cards are in!

We are proud to announce our newest printed piece: Rebé Belle's new Business Cards! Designed by Aaron Ford of Digicicom Designs, and professionally printed & die cut by local print house Vanguard Printing. These cards serve a dual purpose. One to show of the new logo and the element of boutique design embodied by the solon itself, but Secondly as appointment cards. On the back side, each beautician can set up an appointment for their client and write down the time and date of their next appointment. The Client thus has a beautifully designed token to place on their fridge to remind them of when to come back in! 

Ventura County Rooter Logo

Ventura County Rooter hired DigicomDesigns' Aaron Ford to design a new logo for their business overhaul. Serving the Ventura County area since 2004 VCR's Miguel Loreto desired a fresh new look for his refreshed brand. Pulling design inspiration from Mid Century design cues, this logo will help propel his business into a new level of customer satisfaction and quality in an over saturated plumbing and construction industry. 

American Veteran Christian Alliance - Walk to the Cross

The American Veterans Christian Alliance commissioned me to design a flyer for their upcoming "Walk to the Cross" event on November 11th. The walk begins at The Veterans Memorial at the Ventura County Government Center in Ventura and proceeds along city sidewalks up to Serra Cross Park. This is a call to veterans and current members of our military to join in Christian prayer for our families, our leaders and our nation. 

The logo in this designed flyer is a "re-vamp" logo, attempting to pay homage to their previously designed logo that was no longer available in any working file format. 

*This is the rough draft

Dominic Balli's new CD release Flyer

I was asked by Dominic Balli to design a CD Release Concert Flyer based on his CD album artwork. The event will be held at a local Church venue and will highlight his new songs, found on the new album, and some of his classic songs from previous albums. You can pre-order his album by clicking here.

Smokeless Aces - Stickers designed by DigicomDesigns

After designing a new logo for Smokeless Aces, we were commissioned to create stickers. 6", 4" and 1.5" stickers that can be used anywhere. We solicited the services of Sticker Mule to get printed vinyl stickers made in these custom sizes. Here is a sneak at the design... the stickers are on their way here, so we will post a few photos of them once they arrive.

Rebé Belle Business Cards

The other day I posted a new logo design for Rebé Belle Salon de Colour. Well, today we submitted new business cards to be printed. Here is a screen grab of what we presented... I will post the final product when it comes in! We are excited about this new die cut approach for the team and their appointment/Business cards! 

Smokeless Aces New logo designed by Aaron Ford of

Smokeless Aces joined the list of clients for Aaron Ford has been working  directly with the company's owner and operator Daniel Ford (No, no relation, only a funny coincidence) Here is the new logo as the start of a new branding campaign.

Next will be t-shirts, Bottle Labels, and Stickers.